Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feeling sick

I'm not feeling particularly good today, so if anything is posted it will likely be something older. This may not be the place for such things and I am probably barking up the wrong tree for wanting helpful criticism, but it's worth a shot I suppose.
Just read my previous posts. When I learn to edit posts I will fix the typos, but for now just tell me what you think overall.
Thank you for all criticism, and comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself.


  1. Good story. Needs some work. Feel better.

  2. this has def potential though

  3. haha, man believe me if I feel the frustration of typos, my 'e' key works about 50% of the time I press it, I have to re-read everything I type. hope ya feel better bro

  4. Good post. Seems like your site has a lot of content. Very nice...

  5. Get well soon!

    I believe there is a little pencil icon under your post's which upon clicking will let you edit your post. There should be a few other alternatives as well. Goodluck!